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From Darkness to Light you can HEAL your LIFE...
​"What impacted me the most is how Dr. Stone dealt with the problems that I had with clear and direct input. The love and spiritual qualities flow from her. She is a powerful and dynamic healer. It is a life-changing, full of love and energy!"
Jerry Mayhall

"I have received valuable coaching and energy healing (as well as long distant energy therapy and coaching) from Dr. Stone for many years that has greatly improved my life. I am now living the live that I envisioned for myself years ago. Her guidance empowered me to to leave an abusive marriage as well as a stressful law career and start living for myself. I now own a successful massage and energy therapy practice. And I am in a long-term relationship with a man who truly respects me. Dr.' Stone's coaching also enabled me to return to music. I currently play percussion in two bands. Playing drums fulfills my life-long musical dream after being told at age 5 that "girls don't play drums". In addition, songwriting brings me joy again. 

A CD of my original songs is being released soon by my pop/rock band, The Wooly Vicars. My song, "Brave Singer" was inspired by becoming empowered through Dr. Stone's methods."
C. McDaniel, MT, RMT, VHT, DDCC.
Percussionist of 'The Wooly Vicars' band, 
Austin Texas

"I am writing mostly to thank you for all of your understanding and teachings. What I learned from you set me on the path to be guided by Spirit and find a true revealing of self." L. Burks

"Through her stories about herself and the others in the workshop, Swami Stone made me realize we are all alike. Our problems, fears and judgments keep us from being who we can truly be. If I just go with the flow and accept the universe, life's problems will take care of themselves. This is a must attend workshop!"
Sharon Gaither, 2009, Professional

​​"What impacted me the most was how quickly your head clears, how you want a good clean negative free life and how light your whole body feels! Wow! It is unbelievable! My husband noticed a difference in me the second day. If you have a lot of mind and life clutter, this is for you!". 
Becky Keen, Kansas City.

"Dr. Stone, Thank you for all that you've done for me and taught me this year. I'm stronger, more at peace and on a lifelong spiritual path again thanks to your guidance and support. You are a wonderful mentor and friend."
Gail 2002, Advertising, Missouri
"Dr. Stone's mode of instruction takes you to the base of your inner most challenges, accompanies you to the summit, and returns you clear. The empowerment and meditation training impacted me the most because I was compelled to face those things of which I most feared."
Adam Leatherwood

"To the people who gave me life."
R. L. 2004, Engineer, Missouri

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From Darkness to Light you can HEAL your LIFE...
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Unless you are fully yourself, you will never be 'appropriate'" Dr. Stone
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