Dr. Stone calls upon the assistance of Arch Angels Michael (Mikail), Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel during sessions as these Angels are the commonly held helpers of all Certified Vibrational Healing Therapists. (Dr. Larry Herbig - Certification Trainer).

Dr. Stone also has Native American Indian Guides and many Native Shaman who assist in her healing sessions when clients need that influence. Dr. Stone is a Healer practitioner and descendant within the Theosophical Society lineage.
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From Darkness to Light you can HEAL your LIFE...
Dr. Sharon R. Stone 
​* B.S. in General Psychology (Cum Laude
  Honors) from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix

* M.S. in Social Psychology (Magna Cum Laude
  Honors) from Walden University. Current: Ph.D. 

* Author of 'Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine' 2009  
  and '1001 Words of Wisdom, Musings of a Master 
  Yogini', now available Amazon Kindle ebooks. 

* Certified Vibrational Healing, Attunement and Full 
  Body Scan Therapist (Vibrational Gateways                       Institute,  Kansas City MO, Dr. Larry Herbig)

* University Professor of Psychology, Social 
   Psychology, Humanistic Psychology and Sociology.

* Certified Reiki Seichim Master (Jeanette Jackson
   Reiki Master -Owner/Operator of Kansas City
   Wellness Magazine 1999-2009).

* Lightening Fire Touch Shaman Reiki
* Shamanic/Native American Healing 
   & Shaking Hands

* Psycho-Social Intuitive Life Coach Counselor -  
  Spiritual Self-Help Life-Coach using the Going Clear 
  Methods© HIPaA Compliant.

​* Doctor of Divinity Honorary
* Minister Performs Weddings & Funerals
* Reiki Master
* Feng Shui Practitioner
* Going Clear Weekend© Creator
* Ordained Minister, Honorary DD and Going Clear 
  Weekend Methods© Creator (Swami Stone has been 
  teaching and mentoring using her own methods as         well as Yogi philosophies, Shamanism & World
  Religions for over 18 years and a ministerial  
  counselor since 1985).

* Tutored with Yogini Master Elinore Hill of the
  Theosophical Society (Student of Rev. Emily Davis) 
  in Corona California from 1996 until 2002. Studies 
  included in depth Yogi and Taoist Philosophies as 
  well as Supernatural Phenomenon.

*Tutored with a Native Shaman from 1999 until 2006. 
  Studies included the Natural Universe,  and
  Psychic Warfare.

* Professor of Intuitive Sciences  
* Educational/Spiritual Director and Professor  

Client & Student Wellbeing is my chief priority
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This has been a memorable stepping stone on my spiritual journey. Dr. Stone presented all the material one needs to take full control of their lives, spiritually, mentally and physically in order to live an authentic life. I quickly found my vague ideas of spiritual living and personal ideas to be just that, unclear and muddy. Dr. Stone dissected many issues in myself that have been covered in layers of mud. Jon Harvell

"What impacted me most was realizing my desire to be less judgmental, more impersonal, more focused, compassionate and be a TRUE free spirit. I HIGHLY recommend the Going Clear training for those who want to get rid of their troubling issues. It's NOT for sissies!"
Dr. Jeanie Sayer 2007, Physician, Surgeon Healer, Hatha Yoga Instructor
Arizona, Costa Rica

"Be prepared to be pushed. Swami Stone's mode of instruction takes you to the base of your inner most challenges, accompanies you to the summit, and returns you clear. The empowerment and meditation training impacted me the most because I was compelled to face those things of which I most feared."
Adam Leatherwood,

"I have received valuable coaching and energy healing from Dr. Stone for many years that has greatly improved my life. I am now living the live that I envisioned for myself years ago. Her guidance empowered me to to leave an abusive marriage as well as a stressful law career and start living for myself. I now own a successful massage and energy therapy practice. And I am in a long-term relationship with a man who truly respects me. Dr. Stone's coaching also enabled me to return to music. I currently play percussion in two bands. Playing drums fulfills my life-long musical dream after being told at age 5 that "girls don't play drums". In addition, songwriting brings me joy again. A CD of my original songs is being released soon by my pop/rock band, The Wooly Vicars. My song, "Brave Singer" was inspired by becoming empowered through Dr. Stone's methods."
C. McDaniel, MT, RMT, VHT, DDCC.
Percussionist of 'The Wooly Vicars' band, 
Austin Texas

The information exchanged supports my truth. I was given that which I have always owned and never been taught. Theta meditation is my channel of opportunity. Open the door and Walk through in Faith. Shaun Rydell,

I feel that now I can stop judging myself and others. I can move on. I can be myself now. You have to feel it to believe it! Awesome! 
K. Isenhart

I am renewed! The knowledge that I have gained in this one weekend has enabled me to reclaim myself and to re-discover me. My goals and my desires are now more real and reachable. The only thing stopping me is me - not anymore! Learning to let go, love myself and allow myself to 'have' and 'to be' and to do what I desire is true freedom. 
Helene Soetaert

I have found Dr.Stones methods to be powerful tools in addressing my physical, mental and emotional concerns. If you are interested in enhancing your spiritual growth Dr.Stone is both a caring individual and skilled in the use of her techniques to move you forward on your path to wellness and personal growth. 
T. Stokes

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have been trained in and have used various counseling techniques and tools for my clientele. I attended Dr. Stone's Going Clear Weekend last year and have been personally using Dr. Stone's Steps to Personal Power. These steps to Going Clear provide any individual with simple yet detailed tools that can be used anywhere at anytime. 
Dr. Theresa T.

"Dr. Stone has helped me to find the Spiritual Path that I had forgotten. I am finding my true place in the world and a purpose for my life. Dr. Stone's shaktipat touch 'initiation' and energy healing, along with her guidance, has brought me to a bold new existence that has reduced much stress and anxiety that I have had over the years. I am finding out who I truly am. She has helped me rediscover the Healer within and has been able to answer many questions that I have had, when no one else could. Dr. Stone's book 'Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine (2009), has helped me to let go of fear and ego and live a truly authentic life. If you are ready to find the Master within yourself, Dr. Stone is a devoted teacher, and she will tell you the TRUTH ~ not what you think you WANT to hear. She has great knowledge of many Spiritual Teachings yet is not fixed on one spiritual path; she encouraged me to find my own authentic path that spoke to me. She teaches/helps with lots of love and compassion as well." 
Virginia Hess 
Peer Specialist & Public Speaker for NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness). Kansas City

"My results of the Meditation segment in the Going Clear Weekend have given me a better alternative to biting my nails, without the disfiguring results! The training on the brainwaves confirmed things I had suspected were happening. The reading and movie lists will also be very helpful in my personal growth."
Patricia Alexander 
Author of 'The book of Comforts' California

"The Going Clear Weekend helped me to become aware that I have to track and clear my own 'issues' before I can help another person to clear theirs. It goes back to original sin as far as where our automatic responses come from and explains why certain people, places and things irritate us so much at times, and other times not at all. I also realized just how much, my own judgments, have caused me much of my unhappiness and grief. The weekend was worth the time it took to attend".
Angie Townsend.
Nurse, Arizona 

"I have been to many workshops for personal growth and awareness. Going Clear gave me the tools I believe will help me. I have a much clearer understanding of the benefits of these techniques each time I attend, especially in the way of using one technique before the next in a sequence. I promise myself to use these techniques on a daily basis to enrich my life. I will be back. "
Kay C.

"The initiation that you have shared with me has changed me permanently, My mind is not scattered anymore, thank you, I am at peace now". Crow, Shaman,

"I feel that I can stop judging myself and others. I can move on. I can be myself now. Kristi Isenhart, 

"What impacted me the most was how quickly your head clears, how you want a good clean negative free life and how light your whole body feels! Wow! It is unbelievable! My husband noticed a difference in me the second day. If you have a lot of mind and life clutter, this is for you!". 
Becky Keen, Kansas City

"The best part of the Going Clear Weekend workshop was towards the end when we got to pair off and be student and 'mentor'. We found out what ISSUES we had and brought them to the surface!"
Bob Slaybaugh

"Dr Swami Stone's techniques for getting through those issues that strain relationships and personal growth are SO empowering. I highly recommend this process (plus it's so much fun with Dr. Stone)."
Bobbi Walker
"What impacted me the most is how Swami Stone dealt with the problems people had with clear and direct input. The love and spiritual qualities flow from her. She is a powerful and dynamic healer. It is a life-changing event, full of love and energy!".
Jerry Mayhall, 2009, Professional

"Dr. Stone, Thank you for all that you've done for me and taught me this year. I'm stronger, more at peace and on a lifelong spiritual path again thanks to your guidance and support. You are a wonderful mentor and friend."
Gail 2002, Advertising, Missouri

"To the people who gave me life."
R. L. 2004, Engineer, Missouri

"Dr. Stone's knowledge, ability and skill in presenting the information in the Going Clear Weekend impacted me the most! She is a skillful teacher and coach of 'life-skills' that are transformative and empowering! Go with an open mind and heart and prepare to change and empower your life - Just Do It!"
R.C.Radio Talk Show Host.

"There were several issues that I had been holding on to for several years that I got clarity on by listening to the stories and wisdom from Dr. Swami Stone. I understood that it was time to let go of certain old hurts that were limiting my progress and impeding my empowerment. This workshop went beyond 'forgiveness' for me and became more holistic. I would recommend this workshop to new and established couples who want a deeper connection to themselves and to one another. Read the book and bring an open mind so that they can receive Spirit through Dr. Stone"
Jen Johnson, 2009,
Professional Sales

"Through her stories about herself and the others in the workshop, Swami Stone made me realize we are all alike. Our problems, fears and judgments keep us from being who we can truly be. If I just go with the flow and accept the universe, life's problems will take care of themselves. This is a must attend workshop!"
Sharon Gaither, 2009, Professional

​"I am writing mostly to thank you for all of your understanding and teachings. What I learned from you set me on the path to be guided by Spirit and find a true revealing of self." L. Burks
​Prescott, AZ