Vibrational Healing and Attunement Therapies...
Attunement Therapy is the most powerful healing technique in Vibrational Healing. During a session, the client is connected to the healing power of their own bodies and minds. Clients usually notice sensations of healing taking place in their bodies as the work is being done. 

What is taking place is much like tuning up a car in the shop except we are tuning up different troubled areas in a clients body and mind. All areas of a person are being affected by the same techniques because the attunement causes integrative healing to take place on all levels.

What the client should expect
Illness builds up in layers over a patients lifetime due to stress. This stress is experienced on one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Attunement Therapy loosens and softens these hardened layers and the patient may experience a release emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

If there is an emotional release they may experience an emotional response as life problems causing depression may be lifted off of them. A Client may experience a mental release and all of a sudden realize new solutions to “old� problems.

Physical release also takes place and may be noticed soon after or over a period of time since these problems usually were not created over night; too, they will not disappear in only one or two treatments.

A spiritual response might also be noticed by the client in the form of dreams, visions or an experience leading to new answers for old problem issues in a clients life.

The benefits of Attunement therapy, regardless of how many times a person experiences one, is invaluable. Layers are lifted off of a person so that new and deeper issues may be dealt with. I highly recommend this form of treatment for everyone... especially if one is truly serious about clearing their issues physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
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Integrative Wellness Services 
Offered through...

* Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
* Psycho-social Intuitive Counseling    
  combined with... CBT/Cognitive
* Behavioral Therapy and REBT
* Vibrational Healing Energy Work 
* Attunement & Full Body Scans 
* Reiki & Shamanic healing Therapy
* Quantum Touch
* Energy Healing Modalities
* Meditation/Mindfulness Therapies

Other Services...
​* Healing through Feng Shui
* Intuitive, Psychic & Medium Readings
* Spiritual Healing Readings
* Weddings & Funerals
* Anger Management
* Family Coaching
* Management Training
* Career Coaching
* Couples Therapy

Full Body Scan 
& weekly Energy 
Healing treatments

A Full Body Scan is a Vibrational Healing physical exam. Hundreds of questions are asked by using various scanning techniques. The reason for a scan is to get an overall picture of a patient physically and energetically. The results are used to treat a patient by pealing off one layer at a time.

There are many benefits of receiving a full body scan and regular Vibrational Healing treatments. The benefits range from having a feeling of better overall health physically to receiving possible answers as to why one has been depressed emotionally or mentally. 

Some benefits include the possibility of clearing chronic physical conditions or re-setting the brains chemicals in the case of a chemical or suspected chemical imbalance; helping one to find their highest purpose in life can lead to an emotional freedom never before felt by an individual. 

Many individuals have noticed having more clear thought processes and a lifting of a mental fogginess; more joy in their lives or having joy for the first time.

Individuals have also noticed having more energy physically; improved eyesight; reductions in conditions such as ulcers, hepatitis, tumors and the early detection of tumors/cancers; speedy recovery from everyday illness such as colds or flu or the prevention of these illnesses by early detection and treatment.

It all begins with a Full Body Scan. Schedule your appointment today and treat yourself, you and your family deserve a better you.

Healing Sessions include Psycho-Social Intuitive Counseling by a qualified Spiritual Administrator, Energy work, Aromatherapy, Energetic Massage Therapy, Lightening Fire Touch Reiki & Life Mentoring to determine the cause of disease. Nutritional influences also looked at.

Cleanse Your Spirit,
The Benefits of Energy Healing...

Today, in our advanced, modern society, people take time to perform some kind of daily physical cleansing ritual. A shower or bath, teeth brushing, shaving and hair styling are all standard forms of grooming that we make time to fit into our busy lifestyles. After all, its good hygiene, right? Our outward appearance is something most of us take pride in, but what about whats going on beneath the layers of the skin?

Remembering high school anatomy we know about the muscles, organs, bones, cells, molecules and atoms. But go just one step further and there is Energy. This energetic layer is the unseen, but very much felt, spiritual layer of our body. We feel it strongly with our emotions and it is through this layer that we sense life. Yet, we may not be aware that the energetic body needs just as much cleansing as the rest of our body. Here are some thoughts to consider:

Since our bodies are mostly made up of energy, we can at times act just like a sponge; soaking up energies all around us. These energies can be made up of various things such as other peoples emotions, traffic noise, or contagious laughter. However, this energy absorbing happens when there is a matching frequency within us. Cells in our body send out a frequency and attract to it a similar frequency. So if there is an unhealthy belief we carry in ourselves, our cells or our energy will keep drawing to us the same lessons until the belief is changed.

Scientist and author, Candace B. Pert, PhD gives a more scientific explanation in her book 'Everything You Need To Know To Feel Go(o)d'. She writes, The matter of consciousness is the vibrating, moving, breathing, pumping molecular complexes of receptors and their ligands as they bind to every cell in your body. The activity of these molecules creates an electrical charge and continually generates a current throughout your body mind to keep you awake, alert and conscious.vibratory attraction is when the receptor [sitting on the surface of the cell] wiggles and shimmies, changing from one configuration to another in a constant state of flux. This dance creates vibration that resonates with a ligand vibrating at the same frequency, and they begin to resonate together. So, the energetic body is mostly affected by cellular memory, consciousness and emotions, and if cells within us resonate with the frequency of another person, we may have similar triggers, and we may feel a physical response in our bodies when we pick up energies.

Now, it would be great if every time we were affected by the energies around us it was a wonderful, uplifting experience, but the reality, of course, is that this is not always so. A large majority of our day is spent at work in and around other people energy and this is bound to pose some rough spots at one point or another. An example I like to use is the so called nightmare co-workers. Yes, you know the one. The job itself probably isn't all too bad, but that nightmare co-worker seems never to have heard the term boundary; they are generally loud and very certain you, and everyone else, need to hear their whole life story. Over all, this can leave you feeling crowded and bombarded by a big energy. At days end, extreme exhaustion, a headache and possibly some anger/frustration can result from bottling it up all day. Not only could you be soaking up this co-workers energy, but you're probably unaware that you even let it in. There may be some matching frequency in you that creates space for this persons energy. For example, they could remind you of a family member who had dominant energy and your body responds to the co- workers actions on a cellular level by remembering what big energy feels like. Familiarity attracts this person energy and you're left feeling emotionally drained and energetically congested. 

Often, we may be attracting circumstances in our life in order to learn something and to heal something in ourselves. Ultimately we cannot change the other person, but we can heal the triggers in ourselves so as to not be affected. Our energetic bodies can get so congested with unwanted outside energy and unresolved internal emotions that distressful symptoms can eventually manifest in our physical bodies. Then we experience various ailments including anxiety, depression and stress. We may even become critical of our self, and others or spiral into negative thinking.

In some eastern medicines, caring for the body includes consciousness before matter. There are treatments for the energetic body just as there would be for the physical body and the two are not considered separate. The Indian healing medical practice of Ayurveda, for example, creates a structure for the energetic body composed of Nadis (energetic meridians), Marmas (acupressure points), Chakras (wheels of energy carrying information on the individual) and the Aura (the layers surrounding the physical body). The body responds physically when there is treatment of the energetic body. 

So then, just as we are mindful of cleaning our physical bodies daily, why wouldn't we also make time to clean the most primal, sacred layer of our existence, our Spirit? Especially considering that cleaning our energetic bodies could help reduce distressing physical symptoms as well. 


Intuitive Therapy...

Dr. Stone uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Association, Gestalt Therapy, and Psychotherapy.

Helpful with conditions such as... Confidence, Anxiety, Depression, Mid-Life Crisis, Bi-Polar, Agoraphobia and more...

All clients receiving energy work receive the mind body integration therapy described here. Over the years, this very popular type of therapy has helped many of Dr. Stone's clients to overcome stress related illnesses including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, mid-life crisis, bi-polar behaviors and more. Psycho-Social Intuitive therapies involve working with a client's personal life issues including: family background and training, past trauma, societal programming and pressures, programmed belief systems, are hindering the person now, and causing stress in their current life. 

Due to the Mind, Body, Spirit connection of many illnesses an individual's spiritual beliefs or religion can also be addressed during spiritual/intuitive counseling. We help the client assess which of these belief systems and values are still working for them and which they may possibly desire to change or eliminate. The issues addressed are for the sole purpose of reducing stress on a daily basis in the client's current life. The overall goal is the improved integrative health of the client and increasing their satisfaction and joy in living. Many individuals receiving treatment with Dr. Sharon Stone have been able to reduce stress and anxiety significantly to the point of being able to eventually remove the aide of prescription drugs to overcome depression and other unwanted conditions of the mind, body and spirit. For more questions regarding this type of treatment contact Swami Stone at the Mystic Tiger Ashram. She can answer any questions that you or you may have regarding this type of therapy. 
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Raphael - Angel of Healing
Michael - Angel of Spiritual Warfare and Protection
Gabriel - Angel of Messages
Uriel - Angel Light of God
Dr. Stone calls upon the assistance of Arch Angels Michael (Mikail), Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel during sessions as these Angels are the commonly held helpers of all Certified Vibrational Healing Therapists.

Dr. Stone also has Native American Indian Guides and many Native Shaman who assist in her healing sessions when clients need that influence. 
The Buddha Nature is to be at peace and in non-judgment and compassion
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