Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine
by Sharon R. Stone DD, MS, Vht, Rmt
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"Books about creating your dreams cannot work for you if you cannot clear the excess noise out of your head that continually draws you back into fear, hopelessness and dread." It is this noise that you will clear; it is this noise that shouts down your new affirmations of abundance while competing with them fiercely. It is this noise coupled with constant mind chatter that causes you to need higher doses of medications and the reason why you are so unhappy in life” (Stone, 2009, pg 20).

“The religious cults discourage members from receiving information from the outside. Thus it becomes a sin to read any 'worldly' publications or 'spiritual pornography.' Cults establish their own distinction between right and wrong, good and evil; everything in the group is positive (godly), and doubts, and serious questions are not tolerated” (Rationalist Society St Louis, section 2, para 5). Stage two souls feel that they have found the truth already..." (Stone, 2009). 

"Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do" (King James Bible, John 14:12). 

“The career of many shamans begins with a dramatic episode of an altered state of consciousness that traditional Western psychiatry sees as a manifestation of serious mental disease. It includes visionary experiences of descent into the underworld, attacks from demons and inhuman tortures and ordeals….” Also “…if this crisis is successfully overcome and completed, it results in a personal healing, superior social functioning, and the development of Shamanic abilities. The individual is then accepted by the tribe as an extremely important and useful member of the group” (Grof S. and also Grof, C., 1989, pgs 78-79).

"Honestly though, why would any of us desire to force ourselves upon anybody, family or not, to apprehend their approval?" (Stone, 2009).

"I took my stand in the midst of humanity, and I wept for them, for they came into the world blind, and they seek to leave the world blind." - Jesus, Gospel of Thomas. Who knew the church could be so afraid, even of the words of its root and inspiration? The door is now open, however, for all who "wish to see" (Ring, 2008, para 7). 

“Psychic energy is needed to make the mind go and the energy (motivation) cannot be destroyed, it must be expressed: The psychoanalytic approach assumes that the psychological apparatus of the mind needs some kind of energy to make it go. This energy is used in psychological work such as planning, thinking, feeling, remembering…” Further - “…The thinking is that at any time there is only a finite amount of energy available and if it’s busily being used to repress memories and deal with anxieties, then it’s not being used fruitfully. If the neuroses can be resolved, then the psychic energy can be freed to use more creatively and productively” (Wilderdom, 2003, para 1).

"Even with eternity at stake, sometimes just loving others and having tea with them in a single beautiful moment is more important than trying to convert them, that is Zen, and that is the meeting of Souls" (Stone, 2008).

'Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine', by Dr. Sharon R. Stone Copyright 2009 

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Dr. Stone, or as some know her as Swami, has been on a spiritual path since the age of eight. She is a traditional Western minister, Social Psychologist, Shaman, Swami Yogi Mystic, Celtic Druid, Dzogchen Master-practitioner, Spiritual Counselor and Healer. 

Dr. Stone is noted for helping others over the years to receive real life answers to problems plaguing them, even when there was no where else for them to turn. She has been helping others to find personal healing and relief through her own brand of spiritual counseling, mystical training, teaching and writings for over 18 years. She has been working with individuals since 1998 throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Mexico conducting healing sessions, readings, Shaktipat Initiations, Shamanic burning bowl ceremonies, as well as training others in Mysticism preparing them for Spiritual Service or individual practice. Dr. Stone possesses vast career experience to help you to get where you need to be in your life. She is also a Psycholcgy, Sociology and Social Psychology professor.

For Individuals and Initiates who are seeking answers to real life problems, as well as tapping into their full potential as Shamans and Mystical beings, Dr. Stone is equipped to help you. You will find relief through her many writings that she has been publishing professionally since 2004.
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Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine
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The 'Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine' publication addresses and exposes the Mystical experiences of major spiritual traditions, blending them together into one practical Shamanic wisdom to help the modern day spiritualist to navigate their course without having to practice any specific religion.  
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Correlations between the Shamanic, Druidic, Yogic, Native, Earth, Eastern and Western practices are addressed.

Dr. Stone, or as some know her as Swami, has been on a spiritual path since the age of eight. She is a traditional Western minister, Social Psychologist, Shaman, Swami Yogi Mystic, Celtic Druid, Dzogchen Master- practitioner, and Healer. 
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